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Been a fan of Duran Duran since 1983. Vital Stats: John Taylor (fave band member...although at times of ovulation, I've found myself leaning slightly towards Simon Le Bon. TMI? OK, I'm done); "Rio" (favourite DD album, 80s), "Medazzaland" (fave DD album, 90s), "All You Need Is Now" (my favourite for the new millennium); "Hungry Like The Wolf"/"The Chauffeur"/"Hold Back The Rain"/"The Man Who Stole A Leopard" (a four-way tie for favourite song--sorry, can't help it. Long versions for HLTW & HBTR preferred); "Girl Panic!" (favourite music video...for today); July 16th, 2003 (first DD concert--I know, I know...what took me so long?); Current number of DD concerts attended: eight; Craziest thing I've ever done as a fan: Had a life-sized image of myself fashioned into a cardboard cut-out then had friends take it to a Duran Duran concert that I was unable to attend in person. Managed to get all the band member signatures on "me" except one from Simon Le Bon. The mission continues... **Update** MISSION ACCOMPLISHED as of April 25, 2011!! ; Lesser known Duran Duran songs that I wish casual/non-fans would hear: "Instant Karma" (John Lennon cover...rousing chorus does justice to the original), "White Lines" (Grandmaster Flash cover...awesome song but when done live, it simply ROCKS!! Thanx B 2 Warren Cuccurullo...and now Dom Brown!!), "Secret Oktober" (in the same vein as "The Chauffeur"...mesmerizing), "Salt In The Rainbow" (why this demo song was never included in the final tracklist for Astronaut is something I'll never understand and they'll always regret), "Perfect Day" and "Lay Lady Lay" (covers of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan, respectively...Simon's sexy voice made me *momentarily* forget who John Taylor is image).

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reading; drawing; choral singing; collecting vinyl records (7" singles); listening to music (fave artists: Duran Duran, U2, Eurythmics/Annie Lennox, The Police, Paul Simon/Simon & Garfunkel, Peter Gabriel); travelling; learning another language; playing Scrabble; either watching or playing volleyball/hockey/baseball; viewing documentaries and classic films; indulging in the comic adventures of "Calvin and Hobbes".

New hobbies I'd like to start: scrapbooking, photography, learning about CSS (cascading style sheets--web design stuff).

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